Saturday, April 30, 2016

Show n Tell - Myself

Show n Tell competition on Myself was organised on 29th April 2016.The students used the opportunity to give an insight about themselves.The winners of the competition are

I - Gaurika Berry , Namya Borah
II - Savya Sharma,Aarav Gupta
III -  Harman Dev,Shambhavi Bhardwaj

Science Crossword Results

Highest scorers of Science Crossword are 

1.Aarav Gupta
2.Harman Dev
3.Nabh Agarwal
4.Raaghav Soni
5.Rohit Aggarwal
6.Saurav Lodh
7.Shambhavi Bhardwaj
8.Namya Borah

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Earth Day Celebrations Class 3

Every year Earth Day is celebrated on 21st April all around the world.This day is a reminder to the human race to save our planet Earth.Continuing the motto , our tiny tots of class 3 prepared eco-friendly and re-usable bird feeders which is just a tiny step to help birds find food easily.The snapshot of the activity is as follows

Class -3 Activity (Art) (Tessellations)

Students of class 3 created beautiful tessellations patterns in art activity.The glimpse of their imagination is as follows

Group Activity - Class 3 (S.Studies) (Sense Organs)

Sense Organs are our windows to the world.We enjoy the beautiful world around us because of them.A group activity was conducted in the class to make students aquaint about the importance of sense organs.Each group prepared collages of work done by sense organs.The activity helped them to understand the topic along with inculcating team spirit among them.