Monday, August 31, 2015

Spell Bee competition

A Spell bee Competition on Plants was organised for students on 28th August 2015.

The winners are

I – Nishchay Bhatia , Harsh Sharma , Vignesh
II – Diksha Gupta
III –Gauri Sharma

Show n Tell (Plants)

To bring students closer to nature, A Show n tell competition was organised for students of class-IV CBSE-i.All students participated enthusiastically.The results of the competition are as follows

The winners

I – Navya Luthra , Harsh Sharma
II – Aarav  Gupta , Nishchay Bhatia
III – Prabhav N , Diksha Gupta
  Snapshots of students performing


Monday, August 24, 2015

Rakhi making competition

To celebrate the bond of togetherness between brothers and sisters, rakhi making competition was organised for students of CBSE-i wing.All students participated with great enthusiasm and zeal.The winners of the competition are

I –Harsh Sharma, Nishchay Bhatia
II – Navya Luthra , Aryan Khandelwal
III – Diksha Gupta , Gauri Verma

Snapshot of competition


Quizzical 2015

Quizzical - A G.K Quiz was organized for students on 22nd August 2015.Te students were divided into team of four participants.The hard work done by students was visible. Each question was answered with great enthusiasm.At the end of the quiz a surprise round was played with audience.The winners of Quizzical are

I – Team C – Diksha ,Laksh , Kanav
II – Team A – Aarav , Nischay ,Gaur Sharma,Vignesh
III – Team B – Navya,Yajur,Aryan,Arsh
IV – Team D – Harh,Arjan,Lakshay,Daksh

Snapshots of the quizzical